S Series - S300 - Straddles semi Automatic

Wrap Heavy or Unstable Loads

S Series – S300 – Straddles

Wrap Heavy or Unstable Loads

Extended Wrap Height Increase the wrap heights of your loads. Replace the 2032 mm (80″) mast with a 2794 mm (110″) mast.

220 V – 50/60 Hertz 15 AMP Adds a transformer to the machine.

Cold Environment Operate in temperatures below -1 C to -18 C (+31 F to 0 F).

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S Series – S300 – Straddles Advantages

Easy to Operate

  • Single purpose knobs and buttons
  • Permanently attached reference guide keeps instructions and adjustments near the operator

Fast and Easy Film Changes

  • EZ Thread™ system ensures film is loaded correctly
  • The film delivery system won’t start while the operator is loading film

Secures the Load to the Pallet

  • Pallet Grip® prevents the load from sliding off the pallet during transportation

Wraps Unstable, Light and Heavy Loads

  • Film delivery system rotates around the load, which prevents it from falling apart

Wraps Tighter with Less Film

  • Wide range of wrap force available
  • Film delivery system maintains consistent wrap force for different load sizes and shapes, fights film breaks and minimizes film consumption
  • Film delivery system dispenses film efficiently at all pre-stretch levels
  • Non-slip coating on pre-stretch rollers helps film stretch properly

Reliable Load Height Sensing

  • Exclusive Intelli-sensor sees a wide variety of colors and surface variations
  • A simple Intelli-sensor adjustment precisely sets the film overwrap at the top of the load

Safe Operation

  • Emergency stop button
  • Stretch wrapper stops automatically if the safety bumper sensor detects an object in the way of the wrap arm
  • Stretch wrapper stops automatically if the film breaks
  • Film Assist feature provides 5 seconds of power to the film delivery system and prevents unplanned activation of film delivery system when operator attaches film to pallet load

We're Here When You Need Us

  • 24/7 telephone support for service and parts
  • 1 year warranty on all purchased replacement parts
  • 90 percent of replacement parts can be shipped for next day delivery if ordered by 7 p.m. EST

Adapt to New Requirements

Choose from popular retrofit items:
  • Automatic Film Cut-off™ saves an average of 30 seconds of operator labor per load and improves productivity (Available on S-300 only)
  • 2794 mm (110″) mast extension for taller loads
  • Lexan lockout cover lets you choose who you want access to controls
  • Many other retrofits available – call us

Your Investment is Protected

3 Year Warranty:
  • Covers all components – no exceptions
  • Unlimited cycles
  • Most parts replaced by warranty do not have to be exchanged when their value is less than $250
  • No freight charges on parts replaced under warranty (by mail or postal delivery)
  • Extended warranties are available