Case Sealers

Customizable Control Package

Case Sealers

Customizable Control Package

Our products are Designed to increase productivity with efficient case sealing operations. operator friendly, easy to maintain are some of its highlited features

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Case Sealers Advantages

Controlled entry of cases into machine

  • Adjustable Infeed Guides
  • Separation device ensures proper distance between cases (option)
  • No jams

Auto adjustment for case width variations

  • Spring-loaded side belts
  • Cases held firmly throughout the sealing cycle
  • No jams

Smooth case transit through the sealing cycle

  • Rollers support cases as they move through the sealer

Ensures proper folding of the flaps

  • Pre-folding of the front flap to ensure a positive closure
  • Two-stage front flap folding system
  • Precise rear flap folding
  • Tops of case will be flat and easy to stack
  • Long flap folding during case transition
  • Easy handling of different case qualities

Easy tape change

  • Lantech TH Series 50 mm (2″) tape head is standard
  • Accommodate most brands of tape

Precision glue patterns

  • High efficiency glue nozzles provide exceptional control of glue bead (option)

Safe operation

  • Transparent safety shields protect operators from mechanical components
  • Electrical interlock switches shut down the machine when a door is opened

Fast and easy change over

  • Rulers and counters ensure accuracy and repeatablility