Stretch Wrapping Machine

Q Semi-Automatic


Q Semi-Automatic

All of the features and benefits of our popular Q-300 with automation added:
(1) Patented XT Cut and Clamp® automatically captures the stretch filmand cuts it at the end of the wrap cycle.
(2) Save two minutes of forklift driver labor per load.

• No scheduled preventative maintenance.

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Eliminate the “run-around” with Simple Automation™ in a fast-paced environment.

Q-300XT automatically attaches and cuts the film. Equipped with a fully protected mechanical cut & clamp. Improve productivity by keeping the operator on the forklift.

Pallet Grip®

Millions of loads slide off their pallets during shipment each year, causing billions of dollars of rework and waste. Pallet Grip (patented) rolls up a film cable and drives it down onto the pallet, locking the load. This makes sure your load does not slide off during transit.

EZ Weigh™ Integrated Scale

Check Every Load for Quality and Freight Cost!
Weigh and wrap in one easy step.Patented built-in weigh system is fully integrated into the turntable. Same footprint as standard Q semi-automatic.


Stretch Wrapping Loads at the Touch of a Button!

Enhances portability by eliminating requirement to install a ceilingmounted lanyard. Each unit can handle up to 3 machines. Click-n-Go remote meets the latest safety requirements outlined by the National Electrical Code. Using infrared technology and two-step activation process, the Click-n-Go is immune to accidental activation from stray radio frequency.

Q-300XT Specifications

Performance criteria

Production Speed 30-40 loads per hour
Maximum Load Diagonal 69″ Recommended
Maximum Load Height 80″
Maximum Load Weight 4000 lbs.

Load handling system

Turntable Drive 3/4 HP TEFC Motor
Turntable Speed 1-12 RPM
Turntable, Smooth Top 65″

Film Delivery System

Power-Roller Stretch Plus System 200% Standard
(100%-300% available)
Wrap Force Electronically controlled
Film Capacity 10″ Roll Diameter,
20″ Film Web Width

Machine Shipping Weight

Machine size 119″L x 67″W x 92″H
Shipping Weight
(including skid – approximate)
1500 lbs
(excludes ramp)

Electrical Requirements

Machine Voltage 120V, 20 Amp
Microcontroller Standard
Wrap Cycle Pause Standard

Perfomance Features

Perfomance Features

XT Cut and Clamp 5.0® Standard
Auto Film Cut-Off™ Not Applicable
Pallet Grip® Optional
Load Guardian Not Available
Photo-Eye Intelli-Sensor
Standard Film Width 500 mm (20″)
EZ Thread Film Delivery Standard
Standard Pre-Stretch 200%
Wrap Force Variable (Electric)
Film Capacity 250 mm (10″) Roll Diameter
Film Delivery System Power Roller-Stretch Plus
EZ Weigh Integrated Scale Optional
NEMA Type 1 Enclosure Optional