G Series Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

High Quality Machine for the Low Volume User

G Series Turntables

High Quality Machine for the Low Volume User

The Patent Pending G Force Film Deliver System combined with easy to understand and use controls, gives you professional results on every load.

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G Series Turntables Advantages

G Force Plus Film Delivery System

An Available Option Includes:
  • Wrap Assist
  • Auto Film Cut-off
  • Automatic film tension adjustment
  • New digital display

Pallet Grip®

An Available Option:
  • Makes your load safer to ship by attaching a film cable right below the deck boards of a pallet. Prevents loads from sliding off of pallets during transportation.

G Force Film Delivery System

Maintains highest consistent film tension so load can be wrapped as tight as possible, with the least amount of film.

Film Tension Scale

Shows how tight the load’s being wrapped.

Tension Lever

Turns film tension on and off for film threading and cycle start of unstable loads.

Tension Control Knob

Turn tension knob clockwise to increase film tension, counter-clockwise to reduce film tension.

Wrap Cycle Pause

Pause the stretch wrap machine whenever you want and start right where you left off without resetting the machine. Used for inserting labels, corner protection, etc.

Banding Mode

Stops G Force film delivery system at selected areas and applies selected number of film revolutions. Used in cases where reinforcement is desired.

Distance From Turntable Mast

Operator safety is enhanced by a 20″ safety clearance between the turntable and mast.

65″ Diameter Turntable

Standard 40″ x 48″ pallet fits entirely within the pallet wrapper turntable, reducing the risk of product damage or injury from overhanging pallets.


Fork truck portable. Pick up your G Series pallet wrapper from the front or back whichever is easiest for you (with integrated fork truck loops).

Controls/Film Delivery Same Side

Makes it easy and safe to rope, band, or pause the stretch wrapper or recover from a film break, all without entering the safety zone between mast and turntable.
Changing the wrap profile is as simple as entering the number of wraps for top and bottom of pallet load and adjusting appropriate turntable and film delivery system speeds.

Semi-Auto Cycle

Simply attach film to the pallet and press the green start button. The pallet is wrapped automatically and consistently. Just cut the film and remove the load.