Stretch Wrapper Machine

SL Automatic

SL Automatic

SL Automatic

  • Up to 50 Loads per Hour
  • Wraps Tighter
  • Performance Monitoring/Wrap Data
  • Secures Load to Pallet

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SL Automatic Specifications


Production Speed 45-50 Loads/Hr
Maximum Load Size 1473 mm L
1473 mm W
1905 mm H
(58″ L X 58″ W X 75″ H)
Minimum Load Size 914 mm L
914 mm W
610 mm H
(36″ L X 36″ W X 24″ H)
Maximum Load Weight Conveyor Capacity

Load Handling

Wrap Arm Drive VFD Motor Control
Wrap Arm Speed 1- 15 RPM

Performance Features

Pallet Grip® Standard
Load Guardian Standard
Standard Pre-Stretch 225% (100-300% Available)
Film Capacity 254 mm Diameter, 508 mm Width
(10″D x 20″ W)
Film Delivery System Metered Film Delivery® System
Automation Unit – Film Clamp Load Seeking Clamp® 4.0

Weight and Size

Approx. Shipping Weight 3946 kg
(8700 lbs)

Service Requirements

Pneumatic 6 Bar, 3-5 cfm @ 80 Psi, Clean, Dry Air
Dedicated Electric Service Req. US 480V, 3ph, 60Hz, Wye w/Ground
Dedicated Electric Service Req. EU 3L-PE-400V-50Hz (No Neutral)
Enclosure NEMA 12, UL
Control PLC with HMI