Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine

Automatic L Sealer

Model TY-701-120 / TY-701-120S

Automatic L Sealer

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Model TY-701-120 / TY-701-120S Specifications


  • Equipped with safety protection & alarm, heavy duty sealing knives, no build-up & smoke whilst sealings
  • Easy operation & adjustment.
  • High efficiency for labor cost saving.
  • Extra pinch roller guide for better film control and saving.
  • PLC control system with 2 program, length controlled by either photo eyes or times.


Widely adopted by the food, electronics, stationery toys, fruits salted materials, metalwares, tools, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, clothing, daily-use products, electronical appliances, bambooware, etc, Industries for shrink packing purposes.


Model No. Machine (L*W*H) mm Package Range (L*W*H)mm Speed Range(PPM) Power Consumption KW
TY-700-80 1500x820x1450 (100-300)x(40-250)x(5-80) 1~25 220V 2.2
TY-700-80S 1500x820x1450 (30-300)x(40-250)x(5-80) 1~25 220V 2.2
TY-701-120 2100x1000x1580 (100-500)x(60-330)x(5-120) 1~25 220V 2.6
TY-701-120S 2100x1000x1580 (30-500)x(60-330)x(5-120) 1~18 220V 2.6
TY-702-120 2550x1200x1580 (120-700)x(200-500)x(5-120) 1~20 220V 3.0
TY-703-150H-ST 2400x1130x1600 (100-450)x(50-300)x(5-150) 1~45 220V 2.6
TY-701-3000L 4500x1000x1580 (600-3000)x(50-200)x(20-120) 1~12 220V 3.3