CS-Random High-Speed

High-Speed Random Sealing

CS-Random High-Speed

High-Speed Random Sealing

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CS-Random High-Speed Specifications


Production Speed Max 25 Cases/Minute
(Options and application can change the speed.)
Case Size Minimum
(Outside Dimensions)
200 mm L
150 mm W
120 mm H
(7 7/8” L x 5 15/16” W x 4 3/4” H)
Case Size Maximum
(Outside Dimensions)
620 mm L
510 mm W
500 mm H
(24 2/5” L x 20 1/8” W x 19 11/16” H)

Case Criteria

Case Types RSC, HSC, FEFCO 0201
Flute Types B, C, E
Wall Types Single and Double Wall

Bottom Seal

Tape Lantech® TH-Series Tape Head

Service Requirements

Pneumatic 6 Bar (80 Psi)
Dedicated Electric Service Req. US 230V, 3-ph, 60Hz, Wye w/Ground
Dedicated Electric Service Req. EU 3L-PE-400V-50Hz-Neutral

Weight and Size

Approx. Shipping Weight ±575 kg (±1265lb)